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Engineering: Mechanics, Materials, Design

avril 25, 2018 - décembre 13, 2019


Engineers prefer to see difficulties as challenges or opportunities – they appear to be solving problems, but they’re actually creating solutions: an altogether more imaginative activity.

In exploring how technical solutions are created, this module combines the mechanics of solids and fluids with the structure and properties of materials. It includes aspects of engineering analysis, design, and modelling methods, using appropriate mathematical software.


The module is based around six themes: the nature of problems, static structures, dynamics, energy, endurance and human factors. Study is arranged in six blocks, one for each theme.

The creation of solutions calls for a clear analysis of what is to be done and an appreciation of how to establish an understanding of the task in hand. It is important to be able to identify how and where to find the necessary knowledge and skills.


Début :
avril 25, 2018
Fin :
décembre 13, 2019
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