CrownMakers est un hébergeur et un fournisseur de services basé en France et à Londres en Angleterre. Depuis 2011, nous accompagnons les entreprises et nos clients situés un peu partout dans le monde, grâce à notre service d'hébergement de site web, ou d'applications, ou encore l'hébergement de serveurs web, emails, ou tout autres contenus.

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CrownMakers, your partner in success

CrownMakers is an online hosting and application solution provider based in England. We are also present in other European countries through our certified local representatives. Since 2011, we have been providing our business customers around the world with quality hosting services, ready-to-use applications and excellent customer support.

CrownMakers is a 24-hour connected company with customers in over 60 countries. Our London-based support team operates around the clock and responds to you by phone, email and Twitter.

English is our main language, but we also speak French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian…

Crownmakers in France
In France, CrownMakers has three certified data centres based in Paris, ensuring a local presence for our French customers. The infrastructure deployed by our partners is regularly tested to ensure the best quality of service for our clients.
Services and solutions
- Domain names - Dedicated web hosting - Shared web hosting - E-commerce hosting - Ticketing solution - Marketing solutions
We implement centralised and redundant chilled water systems. These are coupled with powerful control systems to maintain a constant temperature in the client areas. Our data centres meet : ECS 1.0 (DC2) specifications, ECS 2.0 (DC3) specifications, ASHRAE TC 9.9 standard service level for temperature and humidity in our rooms.
In our data center, power supply
The reliability of our datacenters is mainly based on the continuity of the power supply. Our infrastructures have been designed with a high level of resilience in order to reduce the risk of failure as much as possible. Their availability target is close to 100%. The electrical distribution in our data centres is systematically doubled: the centre has at least 2 separate high-voltage substations, each equipped with 2 priority redundant cables of different origin. In the event of a failure, we have an autonomous electricity production system: Inverters offering 10 minutes autonomy, Redundant diesel generators with a full load autonomy of 36 to 50 hours.
Our customers host their most critical infrastructure in our data centres. We have therefore put in place very strict security procedures that meet APSAD R82 and R81 standards. Our buildings are systematically located on private and fenced grounds, video-surveilled, and secured by specialised agents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Access to the computer rooms is ensured by single-person armoured locks, with biometric control and individual contactless badges.