CrownMakers est un hébergeur et un fournisseur de services basé en France et à Londres en Angleterre. Depuis 2011, nous accompagnons les entreprises et nos clients situés un peu partout dans le monde, grâce à notre service d'hébergement de site web, ou d'applications, ou encore l'hébergement de serveurs web, emails, ou tout autres contenus.

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Our SEO Audit offer

Get a complete analysis of your website’s visibility. 

Our SEO Audit allows you to understand and quickly identify the reasons for your website’s poor positioning in search engines. For the company, it is a precious help to determine the marketing strategy to implement.

Who is our offer aimed at?

For any company wishing to increase its visibility and presence on the web and thus

  • Get an overview of the competition 
  • Improve their website 
  • Analyse its website in its entirety

The benefits for your company

The SEO audit highlights the changes to be made to the website.

In particular, it allows us to :

  • Detecting problems related to referencing (position compared to the previous week in searches)
  • Check for broken links, incorrect pages and titles, as well as basic html tags.

After applying the solutions indicated in the report, the webmaster will be able to improve the visibility of the site. 

Our offer gives you access to a free SEO audit for the purchase of a service from us. 

In addition to the analysis, you will receive concrete explanations and advice from one of our experts.

Our offers


For a service purchased from us

All the services of a real SEO Audit

$ 0



SEO Audit


10 Websites

Website Audit for 25,000 pages

Monitor 5,000 backlinks

Check backlinks for 20 domains/day

Keyword Grouper

Competitive and keyword research

On-page Checker for 150 pages

Marketing Plan

Flexible SEO reporting

Social Media Analytics and Management

$ 49.90


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