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Why choose Magento for your website?

Magento is a content management system (CMS) specifically designed for e-commerce sites. This platform will allow you to create smooth and unique shopping experiences for your customers. 


Indeed, it is an open source e-commerce platform launched in 2008 that has already proven its worth with major brands such as Coca-Cola or Nespresso.

Why choose Magento for your website?

An open source software 

With the open source format of Magento, you don’t have to pay any license..

Magento or PrestaShop? Who is this software for?




From 0 to 20 000 

From 5000 

Envisaged turnover

Up to 50 millions

From 50 millions




You need to be accompanied and refocus on your core business?

For smaller companies or websites with few products, 

We recommend the Prestashop software, also present in our offers.

Magento has a wide range of options to create your website with many customization features without having to manage their installation.

A website without limits 

If you want to go on the international market or you are already there, Magento will allow you to create a multilingual website or to develop several websites to adapt to each market and everything is managed from the same back-office.

A leader on the market

Magento is used by more than 250 000 merchants worldwide, and represents 30% of the e-commerce software market share. 

Our added value is to make you benefit from the advantages of open source without its drawbacks! 

It becomes Magento hosting but with all the advantages of open source. 

That is to say that we can migrate your Magento store if you have one and install it on our servers.

Indeed our experts take care of everything for you:

You have all the free modules at your disposal to customize your site to your needs

Crownmakers will know how to exploit the potential of your e-commerce site by adapting to all your needs.

This will allow you to save
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$ 249 . 99


Fully managed*

 Serveur Dell® ou HP®

Hard disk 2x 2To or 2x 500 GB SSD

Ram 64 Go

Intel® Xeon® E5 1410v2

Network 1GBIT/SEC

OS Linux/Windows

Control panel 10 domains

$ 369 . 99


Fully managed*

Serveur Dell® ou HP®

Hard disk 2x 2To or 2x 500 GB SSD

Ram 96 Go

1x Intel® Xeon E5 1410v2

Network 1GBIT/SEC

OS Linux/Windows

Control panel 100 domains

$ 494 . 99


Fully managed

Serveur Dell® ou HP®

Hard disk 2x 3 TB SAS or 2x 500 GB SSD

Ram 128 Go

2 x Xeon E5 2620v2

Network 1GBIT/SEC

OS Linux/Windows

Control panel 100 domains

Our guarantees

Secure datacenter

The datacenter where your data is stored is completely secure. Engineers work there 24/7.

24/7 customer support

Hosting that includes all the technical support you need. We are here to help you at any time by email, phone or Skype.

Developer support

We provide tools and documentation for developers to make their work easier.

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