CrownMakers est un hébergeur et un fournisseur de services basé en France et à Londres en Angleterre. Depuis 2011, nous accompagnons les entreprises et nos clients situés un peu partout dans le monde, grâce à notre service d'hébergement de site web, ou d'applications, ou encore l'hébergement de serveurs web, emails, ou tout autres contenus.

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E-Commerce Expert

You have a website, but neither the time nor the in-house skills to manage and run it. On the other hand, you have ideas, new products or new services to put on sale? Call on a time-share webmaster.

What is an E-Commerce Expert Webmaster? 

The webmaster, or site administrator, is in charge of managing a website. His mission is global. He can intervene upstream during the design and technical implementation of the site. But his main action is to maintain and make the site live. The webmaster updates plug-ins, fixes bugs, checks compatibility with browsers. He also takes care of content updates and technical monitoring.

Search engine optimisation is an essential part of the job. He analyses the website’s audience and seeks to develop it by improving the natural referencing. The webmaster is the guarantor of the operations carried out by the site. They ensure that newsletters and e-mails are sent correctly and that data is processed.

Finally, he or she migrates the websites of his or her clients.

His fields of intervention are diverse: programming, web design, marketing, databases, server management.

Why call on a Webmaster?​

Web agencies, communication agencies, webmarketing agencies: you design well thought-out websites but your clients ask for services that you do not provide in-house?

Offer them our webmastering services, as an external service provider or as a white label. We take care of your client’s website, while you maintain customer relations.

Webmaster Actions

The Price

The 8-hour package: 400€. This hourly package can be used whenever you want, in one go or in instalments: you can adapt it to your needs.

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