[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Google chose a “.xyz” name for Alphabet. The company’s not the only buying Google-related .xyz domains.

Thousands of people flocked to acquire a “.xyz” website name this week following the surprise news that Google is folding itself into Alphabet, a new holding company that has ABC.xyz as its website. These registrants, for the most part, appear to have bought their “xyz” name in good faith. But a few of the new website owners could be up to no good.

Consider the arrival of just-minted domain names like “googlecars.xyz,” “googlefiber.xyz,” “googledocs.xyz” and “alphebetventure.xyz.” These websites and dozens more like them, spotted by The Domains, have anything to do with Google  GOOG -3.31%  .

Instead, the websites appear to belong to squatters. These people, who have long occupied a parasitic presence on the internet, snap up website names that suggest familiar brands – either through a lesser known web suffix (i.e. Disney.xyz) or a close misspelling (i.e. Disny.com).

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